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L'Atelier Villette is located in the capital of Beaujolais,close to Lyons.

Here, time stands still, to devote itself to flowers.

I conceive the poetic and wild line of Villette there.

​ The sun, the wild grass, the breath of a summer breeze...

I draw inspiration everywhere, where nature is beautiful. 

Emilie, Creator of Atelier Villette


First exchanges

"People are like flowers. I love them wild, free and spontaneous."

I work in exchange and sharing.

If I love my job so much, it's because I love Nature and People. 

There's nothing like a first telephone conversation to get to know each other and talk about your project. And sIf you prefer, you can send me a little email detailing your desires! Following your request, I will respond to you within 48 hours to define the outlines of your project.


Advice & Inspiration

After this first exchange, I will send you a personalized portfolio, accompanied by a provisional budget. Once the estimate has been validated, I will take care of your inspiration book, which we will go through and develop together until we have found the scenography that suits you.

Identification & accompaniment

A site visit will be organised.

It allows to apprehend the spaces, the volumes and to carry out the technical adjustments. And as desires change over time, I accompany you throughout the preparation of the wedding. You will thus keep the spirit free and rested, at least for the flowers!

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Creator of Atelier Villette

Hello and welcome !


My name is Emilie and I created my floral art workshop with the desire to do what I do best:  compose with nature and bring this "je ne sais quoi" to my creations. 

This job is  a bit like the extension of a childhood spent in my grandmother's gardens where raspberries, blackcurrants and flowers grew._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_Even today, the scent of dahlias and carnations bring me back to this wonderful playground.

I worked for 15 years in marketing and communication, a job that I loved but in which I lacked freedom and creativity. 

Of an (ultra)sensitive nature, I found in flowers the freedom to express myself!

I work on instinct to make the experience unique, thanks to flowers picked or sourced as naturally as possible.

Then you will understand that when it comes to flowers, there are no rules.

Just sweetness and an immense passion for thisprofession and desireto fill you with the power of flowers!

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Since I work with nature, doesn't it make sense to work in a reasoned way? It's true, I ask myself this question with each of my creations, with each new project. Origin of the flowers? Foam-free? Recycling? 

The first of my wishes is to be in tune with my environment and my values. Even if it is difficult to be 100% green.

Indeed, your desires depend on a color palette, the chosen atmosphere and above all of a season. We are often forced to order varieties of flowers that come out of the short producer circuit --> florist. 

So here's how I organize myself to be straight in my boots and support and Mother Nature:  


  • hasBefore even buying my flowers, I go to glean in the forest to form the basis of my creations.

  • I complete what nature offers me with the flowers I find at local producers. 

  • I imagine sustainable creations by mixing fresh flowers and dried flowers (local of course)

  • and finally I complete my stock at the wholesalers and the flower market.

  • 50% local / 50% imported flowers.

Choosing Atelier Villette for your event means being prepared to put aside standardized flowers.  We forget the red roses "equator"!

On the other hand, I promise you authentic, vibrant and unique creations,

like straight exits from the garden.

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